We are the exclusive distributor for SANREMO commercial espresso machines in Hong Kong, the best Italian made machines, and the official machine supplier for the World Coffee Events’ competitions World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

We provide options from entrance level commercial espresso machines to more sophisticated machines with pressure profiling, a Sanremo’s signature technology, in the flagship lines of “Opera”, “Café Racer” and “F18”. Nothing is complicated, you can worry less. We can also provide training, active quality control assistance, and equipment maintenance.

We are the exclusive distributor for PESADO 58.5s in Hong Kong, the precision coffee tool designed in Melbourne and made in Australia, each piece reflects our passion and is developed with quality and functionality at the top of our priorities, with a special focus on the finish and aesthetics.

PESADO signatures are Portafilters and 58,5 Tamper. All the product made wtih 316 grade stainless steel or natual wood. All the wooden handles are hand lathed from locally sourced sustainable material and ensure the long lasting duration of our own engineered wood.

We are the exclusive distributor for ACME cups. Designed in New Zealand, ACME is the official cups for the industry wellknown Coffee Masters competitions. Known for durability and perfect cup rims for latte art, ACME Cups is now a hot commodity cherished by professional baristas.

ACME Cups come in different volume, colour and shape. Customising ACME cups is possible. We can print company’s logo onto ACME Cups for operation, retail, and brand promotion.