About Finca Arcangel


Bolivia Finca Arcangel Caturra Coco Natural

Caranavi, Bolivia
 Bueno | Cherry Jam | Red Wine

Process      Coco Natural
Variety       Yellow Caturra
Altitude     1670 masl
Farm          Finca Arcangel
Producer    Pedro Rodriguez (The Rodriguez Family)

Finca Arcnagel was planted in 2015 and had its first harvest in 2017. What’s unique about the farm is that all the red and yellow caturras were grown separately from the other varieties, to experiment with the taste of an exclusively red or yellow cup.

Caturra is Pedro’s favourite variety – he explains that it’s a very noble one both on the farm and in the cup. On the farm, the variety has a very good productivity, strong leaves, and pickers like it very much because the cherries tend to grow at the lower part of the plant, so it makes the job a lot easier as they can be reached better. In the cup, it’s a very sweet variety, balanced, consistent and it can be very well processed both, as washed or dried coco natural. 


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