Bolivia Finca Floripondio Java Washed

Samaipata, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
 Jasmine | Meyer Lemon | White Tea​
Process      Washed
Variety       Java
Altitude     1710 masl
Farm          Finca Floripondio
Producer    The Rodriguez Family

Finca Floripondio is located 120 km away from the city of Santa Cruz, where the Rodriguez family have been experimenting with growing specialty coffee in a region not known for coffee production. Floripondio gets its name from the Floripondio trees, commonly known as Angel’s Trumpet in English, that are native to the area and grow on the farm.

Due to its high altitude, a tropical microclimate characterised by high humidity and cool temperatures at night, and a distinct soil profile, Floripondoio is the ideal location for experimenting with different coffee varieties. To date, Los Rodriguez have planted over 60 varieties at the farm and hope to discover which are best suited to the land and this particular latitude and altitude. To separate the different varieties, they kept the original lemon and tangerine trees on the farm. At the end of the harvest, all the varieties are cupped and decisions are made about which variety to plant on the different farms of Los Rodriguez. 


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