Brazil Sao Francisco Natural

 Alta Mogiana, Brazil​
 Milk Chocolate | Almond | Apple​

Process      Natural
Variety       Red Catuai
Altitude     1050-1150 masl
Farm          Fazenda São Francisco
Producer    Nilton Messias de Almeida Jr.

Fazenda São Francisco is located in the Alta Mogiana region, very close to the city of Franca at Sao Paulo State. The farm belongs to Nilton Messias de Almeida JR,  who once was a Court Judge, and now a lawyer. The name Sao Francisco comes from particular situation in Nilton’s life, his father names Francisco and he was also born near the Sao Francisco River, and graduated from the Law School of Sao Francisco University, so the name Francisco actually means a lot for him.

Fazenda São Francisco is one of the members of the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association. The farm is about 500 hectares in total and half of it is planted with coffee. They have its own warehouse and processing facilities in the farm, their Natural processed coffee are treated with details, by recording by plot, date of planting, varieties, date of harvest and quantity.

Cherries pass through a washer to separate defects and cherries with lower quality,and only the ripe cherries are selected. Then it moved to the patio then the mechanical dryer for drying until the bean reached the humidity at 11.5%. After 30-40 days of resting, coffee is hulled and sorted and exported.


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