Indonesia Sumatra Queen Ketiara

 Takengon, Aceh, Indonesia​
 Blackberry | Spiced Chocolate | Herbs​

Process      Wet-hulled
Variety       Timtim, Caturra
Altitude     1400-1600 masl
Producer    Ibu Rahmah

Ketiara is a Women Lead Coffee Cooperative, started by a woman Ibu Rahman, who have also been doing coffee trading since 20 years ago. Ketiara is not just trading coffee but promote values and passion to celebrate women in coffee business. 95% of their members are women and many of them lost their husbands in the Aceh Civil war. The Cooperative provides different support to these women, from the daily meal, education to the kids and training to produce better quality coffee to increase their incomes.

All the coffee from Ketiara is 100% Gayo coffee, they are 100% natural organic shade grown, in the Takengon highland of Central Aceh Province. Their members are well trained and only pick the red cherry when doing the picking and process their coffee with a consistent standard to ensure the outstanding quality.

They also own a dry-milling facility in Takengon, which is rare because it allows them to do all their dry-milling, grading, packaging and bagging at the Gayo highland, without sending the coffee to the Humid and Hot Medan before exporting their coffee, which give a really good protection on the quality and ensure they are 100% Gayo Coffee.


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